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Oh my god! My sister had that game when we were growing up. I haven't seen it for 30 years.



There was a coffee shop in Fells Point (Smash?!) that had a bunch of board games. We played mystery date while drinking cappucinos. We were groovy hipsters.


Oh, THANK YOU for finally opening the video door and putting my Mystery Date back into my head after having the theme song burned into my memory all these years.

I knew I wanted the "dud" all along. . .


Oh please-please-please put the link back up for this commercial!!! This was my favorite-favorite game as a child and I'd love to see the original commercial - I'm looking for a mint condition game now. Thanks so much!


Where are the girls who acted in this commericial? Would be interesting to see how this commercial impacted their lives.

Brandon Reina

Are They (Milton Bradley) Going To Bring The Vintage 1960s Mystery Date Commercial Theme Song When They Release High School Musical Mystery Date (After Troy & Gabriella Finishes Singing "Breaking Free")?


It would really amazing to know that how the commercial inspired the girls working in this commercial, can we have this information about the girls working in this commercial

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