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Michael James

Any idea who the musicians are that he's berating?

Grant La Mora

In the larger world of things, this wasn't too bad - I think all of us who play have experienced these situations from time to time. F'rinstance, check out Neil Young's "did you think I was just jerkin' off for ya?" rant on Jim Jarmusch's "Year of the Horse" film. Also, Jerry Garcia once socked Phil Lesh and pushed him down a set of stairs when Jerry felt Phil's playing hadn't been up to par during the gig. Of course, you don't HAVE to work for a jerk. On the other hand, in any group of musicians where there is a real dedication to producing the highest quality product possible, night after night, tempers do sometimes wear thin. There is a reason why so many bands break up after several years of intensive touring, particularly if on the heels of their initial success.


Dammmmmm no, that was one egomaniacal man. He's a perfect example of child stardom gone to one's head; the parental figures in his life probably excersized little control over him.. all in my opinion, of course. There are plenty of people that are tops at what they do without berating people like that.


Mark Bellis

I saw Buddy Rich in the Florida Keys in 1984 -
his band walked out with stacks of sheet music thicker than a Manhattan phone book - he'd just start drumming and expect everyone to come in after a couple of bars - the guys in the band were asking each other what the tune was and then flying through their stack to find the right piece.....

Skip G.

I spent an hour with Buddy after a gig in St.Louis. I was 18, and a big fan, and he was a sweet guy and a gentleman to me that night. He let me follow him around and answered all my questions, and I got his autograph.
Maybe it was because I was a kid and a drummer myself, but all I know is Buddy treated me like a king that night.
His drumming was supernatural...The best I have ever seen.


I've always loved these tapes, loved them. For several reasons. First: Buddy Rich, the rat bastard, ranted like a musician. he sure did have phrasing! His screaming and cursing is truly musical in its timing...it's like an utterly profane monologue from "Guys And Dolls". As terrible as his rage is, it's funny because he has such a way with words. it has to be heard rather than read to be appreciated. It's also priceless because having lived around more than one such personality, I am struck by the amazing similarities among bullies. Buddy was that--there's no doubt. He clearly gets off on his own screaming...he eggs himself on--he doesn't need help. "CLAMS!" And yes, there's a universality and a kind of nerve to this situation...everyone's been there in some respect, though very few have ever doled it out.

franklin debabwe

i wonder what the band sounded like. one got the feeling it was a generational thing.. it seemed buddy was playing with a different age group, not his peers. perhaps they were all simply listening to a different tune.

he had that hipster jive down though. go buddy go!


What a total prick!

Jimi Carter

One of Buddy's very finest drum solos.


I saw Buddy Rich and his band in the early 70's when I was in high school, and his band was fantastic, not just his drumming which was out of this world, but his band had a great sound and was tight. I remember it fondly.


I happen to know and also worked with a few of Buddys sidemen, namely sax player Bob Mintzer, Trumpeter Stu Sataloff and others. Asking them about these tapes, they said that it would happen from time to time but only if they "deserved" it. Most of the time Buddy was a sweetheart and even impressing the bandmembers night after night. AND dont forget that these guys toured 300 days a year, living literally on top of eachother! Buddy also payed each musicians salary and wanted to travel with a big band, 15 musicians , instead of earning millions appearing on The Tonight show 4 times a year. he was 100% dedicated to music. Closing, i think all briliant people have some quirks, just think of Mozart, beethoven etc. Buddy is certainly in that league!


Buddy may have been a sweetheart at times,
but he tolerated nothing less than perfection.
I especially love his snare work, and being a drummer myself, I have played
alot of his rudimentary skills
and they are nothing less then the work of a genious.
One of my favorite charts he played was
"Time Check."
Buddy's precision and skilled timing on this song in incredible!!

Long live Buddy Rich!!

Danny Fratina

I can play a high G just like how I play all of your Moms! ;)

Tom Marcello

That was taped by pianist Lee Musiker.


I have 4 audio samples (and transcriptions) at my site. They are the same samples (from my site) found on the Wiki page for Buddy.


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