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Big Brother 6: Beau Is A Fucking Cokehead

Why_does_beau_fuck_rich_old_menI caught some classic shit on the live feed of Big Brother tonight. Janelle lets Beau have it. Check out "Beau Is A Fucking Cokehead" and "Why Does Beau Fuck Rich Old Men?". Don't think these will make it to TV. UPDATE: Check out the comments section over here at Towleroad's post about my post. Some background on why they were so pissed. Now I'm fucking pissed. Kaysar how could you fuck up so bad?
Beau Is A Fucking Cokehead.mov
Why Does Beau Fuck Rich Old Men?.mov


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Hi, I've never really watched Big Brother before, but I know one of the old contestants Will from Tupelo. He graduated from my college Millsaps College. Anyways, I'm getting interested in the show now that I am reading more about it...could you tell me where i can see the live feeds?


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i like to watch good videos

Janelle was awesome ^_^ She's not a homophobe at all; her best friend from back home is gay; she got a picture of him in her HoH basket.

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