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alright after viewing this mr. Bubble commercial, I'm sure some one can remember "Madam how do you do? Mr. Bubble commercial & where I can find a copy of it? I've told my wife about the commercial, but she doesn't remember it. Can anyone help?



I know that commercial and I'm looking for it, too. If you find it, let me know. It's hilarious.



I found the commercial! Go to http://tvparty.com/comjing.html and scroll down to Mr. Bubble/1963. Enjoy!


I'm looking for one that aired later. There was a boy playing in the dirt, and we hear his mother call, "Jeffrey! Time for your bath with Mr. Bubble!" And of course, Jeffrey runs into the house because, well, Mr. Bubble is so darned fun.

I've been searching for this one forEVER. If anyone comes across it and can post a link, I would be eternally grateful.


What about the one where the. Ubbles are in the tub and they are dressed like Elvis. They are singing the theme song in a real deep voice.

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