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I think Siskel is slurring, because of the brain tumor he had...that eventually killed him.



Thanks for the great stuff! Please keep the great clips coming. Between this and Tony Clifton my computer has paid for itself!


"I think Siskel is slurring, because of the brain tumor he had...that eventually killed him."

The show was called "Siskel & Ebert at the Movies" through 1986, then the title changed to "Siskel and Ebert". So this would be 12 or 13 years at least before he was diagnosed. I somehow doubt that's the problem here... I think he's drunk, more likely.

Chunky Munkey

It's definitely from the brain tumor. I was a loyal viewer from waaaaaay back on the PBS Sneak Previews show. I saw his gradual decline. Sadly, this is how he appeared towards the end.



Cookie is right -- it's easy to date the show based on these things called "movies" that they review. "The Big Easy" came out in 1987, so that would date this to somewhere after 1986 but before 1988. WAY before any brain tumor could have been in play. People just talk differently with time. Look at how Ebert sounds now as to how he sounded back then.

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