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My mother used to always get really annoyed when Carol Burnett sang, and now I know why. I can't believe she thought it was appropriate to chime in with Karen Carpenter on "We've Only Just Begun". Like she needed the help.

Tha being said, what a fabulous clip. LOVE the chandeliers. You can never have enough, as far as I'm concerned.

Rey in SD

First saw this on YouTube.com which led me to your fantastic site... Wow - I had not seen this clip since it was first televised - brought back such a great memory - thanks for posting it! I know this was the second of two appearances they made on Carol Burnett - in the first they sang the Bacharach-David medley with Carol, so this was the follow-up using Williams-Nichols songs... I know that they also did solo performances in the two appearances (if memory serves I think it was Superstar in the 1st and Hurting Each Other in the 2nd appearance). I also seem to remember them particpating in the traditional big musical production number at the end of the show in at least one of the appearances. If you have access to these parts of the shows PLEASE post those as well!


I can't quite agree with the comment made above about Carol Burnett singing with her guests. I doubt it was about Karen Carpenter "needing her help." It was about them being guests--possibly as friends--on her show and creating a moment of collaboration that all these years later--due to your fine tv sleuthing--we can enjoy again and again.

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