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And yet...I'm not that surprised.


You think Chris Matthews is a right winger. You're adorable.


"You think Chris Matthews is a right winger. You're adorable."

He voted for Bush. He said that the only people who don't like Bush "are the real whackjobs". He might have been a democrat 20 years ago but he sure ain't one now. He loves president Bush. And I didn't say he was a right winger anywhere did I? Nope- you just made that connection yourself.You probably thing the media is liberal too.


I sat at work all day wondering why I felt it necessary to be a jerk to you.

I'm sorry.

I really enjoy your site, keep up the good work. I also like the pic of Clinton, the sexy bastard. But I still don't like him, and mostly not for neo-con reasons, but, believe it or not, civil liberties reasons. Thus my Nader vote in '96.

I just noticed the comment I made this morning was gone. I may be a bonehead, but I'm pretty sure I posted it. Did you remove it? If I did screw up posting, I'm apologizing for the comment I thought I made.


I actually deleted your comment from this morning-sorry
that's wimpy of me i know-
I couldn't exactly figure out where you were coming from and didn't exactly know how to answer you
so I just lost it-

thanks for the apology-
sorry for the deletion-
I like to pontificate more than discuss-
i admit it-


i used to not even enable comments on political posts but I've been getting away with it lately...

kelly Denison-Cole

He and Bob Pollard could be brothers! They both Rock!
ps: Bush and the right-wing chumps can stick it where the sun don't shine!


Any chance any of you out there are neither liberal nor conservative? Is everything in the world black and white?


Wow - Karl Rove got indicted this week? I guess the networks ARE in bed with the Bush administration - they never even reported it!


"Wow - Karl Rove got indicted this week? I guess the networks ARE in bed with the Bush administration - they never even reported it!"

Well...you're right, he didn't get indicted yet, but the week isn't over yet. Anyway, if it isn't this week, it'll be soon. Don't you think?

Bush is still REALLY unpopular though. Especially compared to Clinton. The American People LOVE Clinton! That hasn't changed. Bush is the worst president ever.

Holy Monkey

The Karl Rove getting indicted story was an attempt by truthout to throw some mud to see if it sticks. He has not been indicted although blogs can say he might be and everyone then dutifully repeats that tenuous assertion. The butterfly flapping its wings becomes a hurricane etc. Momentum builds, everyone starts to believe he is guilty.

As a UK resident, I watch with disbelief as politics in the US becomes more incredibly partisan and plain weird with every passing week. It's like pro wrestling or something. The political debate needs to centre on solutions and ideas. American politics has a BIG problem exacerbted by blogs (left and right) talk radio, shows like the Daily Show (yes it's funny and great but it contributes to this feeling of hatred between the two sides) etc.

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