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Spike Priggen has launched a video popsdcast. The first episodes features The Everly Brothers, Raquel Welch, Lee Hazlewood, The Turtles some classic commercials. Fun! Link... [Read More]

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The Everly Brothers clip at the beginning of the Bedazzled podcast is totally fucking insane - it has just made my week. [Read More]



Wow -- what a performance by the Everly's! Can you tell us when/where that aired, Spike? Thanks!


The Everly's are on "Music Scene". Not sure of the date off hand but it's like 69-70-ish...


Can I sub to this new podcast - don't see it in itunes
Is the m4v file config for an ipod?


Is there an RSS feed for subscribing? Sorry if I missed the link - I searched the page a bit.


NO feed just for the podcast yet, sorry.


Very cool. That was David Steinberg introducing the Everly Bros. He was a funny guy.

Great podcast. Brought back a lot of memories (yeah, I'm old).


The .m4v is configured for iPod.
I'm trying to figure out how to have a rss feed for it. The only way I can figure to do it easily is start a new blog just for the podcast.

Susie Bright

I. love. you. so. much.



Amazing. That Everly brother's clip just made my month.
Just incredible. Keep up the good work.

Michael Dreimiller

The web server hosting the .m4v file apparently doesn't have the proper MIME type set for .m4v files. When I click on the .m4v link on my Mac my Safari web browser believes the web server when it defaults to identifying the incoming file "Content-Type: text/plain" and I see a window full of code. If I right-click (CONTROL-CLICK) on the link and save it to my desktop the resulting file has the name "Bedazzled Podcast 1.m4v.txt". If I remove the ".txt" from the filename and open it in QuickTime Player it plays correctly. If I download the file using FireFox/Mac it apparently ignores the file type reported by the web server and correctly recognizes the file as a video file.


Frank Frick

Dude, u r insane! I remember watching that Raquel Welch special when it first aired. She sang "Here Comes the Sun" and during a montage a reporter asks her what she thought of Playboy magazine and when she said she liked the quality of the paper you could hear this one guy having a laughing fit. Keep digging into your treasure chest, especially the sixties arcana. Cookie, u rock.


Oh my god, that was amazing. keep em coming


Sweet Gorgonzola, but that's about the best 1st podcast I've ever seen. Absolutely astounding stuff, Cookie. Thank you so much.


that's it_ i'm definately going to buy a copy of RAQUEL- it looks amazing!

thank you!

Bill Streeter

Here is the deal with the RSS feeds and the .M4V files. I've been subscribed to this site for a while now with this feed: http://bedazzled.blogs.com/bedazzled/index.rdf which is the feed built into every typepad blog. It looks like the author has also set up a Feedburner feed which is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Bedazzled and either one will work in iTunes. There are multiple media files attached to each post, but RSS will only pick up the first onw which is a Quicktime MOV file. The quicktime file could be compatible with the video ipod but it's posible that it's not (I've never tried it on my ipod) the M4V is. But the problem with the M4v is that most servers aren't configured to know that filed with this extension are media files so you might have a problem viewing them in a browser. So the solution would be to either just post a MOV file that will play on an ipod or change the file extension on the M4V files to MP4 (since that is what they are) and make that the first link in each post.

Either way, I dig what you are doing here. I revloged one of your clips on my vlog LO-FI SAINT LOUIS, and congrats on the Wired mention--I was there right with you.

Bill Streeter

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