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>I just don't understand how the media could be so >freaking liberal, yet universally think that this >speech wasn't funny.

The reason is that Colbert exposed them as the cowed and fearful hypocrites that they are. When the Times claimed that they didn't report on it because it wasn't funny, excuse me, it's your job to report NEWS, not stuff that is funny. This was big news, and no one touched it. Gee, too bad we deregulated all the media ownership laws in the 80's and 90's... now the government has too much power over the, what, two companies that own them all, and now the only people who can report on controvertial issues are bloggers, the new news media.


Yeah, irritating, but not surprising that the media declared it 'unfunny.' Colbert skewered them, so it hurt their feelings. More importantly, he skewered Bush in front of his face, making them feel pathetic and cowardly.

It's like Stewart's failure at the Oscars--Stewart was a bit nervous, but the real reason he bombed was because he made fun of Hollywood's self-importance.

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