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"I Know Everything" by Spike Priggen (Video)

I_know_everything2I asked my friend Carey Burtt if he would be interested in helping me make a video for a song from my new CD. He came up with this idea about setting it to the Jim Jones story and made this video (using footage from the Jim Jones TV Movie "Guyana Tragedy" ) as kind of a live-action storyboard for a proposed music video that we would produce (with me in the Jim Jones role!). I decided that it would cost a fortune to make that video, but that his little storyboard video was pretty cool in and of itself. So here it is.Digg It
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Spike Priggen "I Know Everything".mov
Spike Priggen "I Know Everything".m4v

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Hey! Nice song, Spike. I dig the video as well... Kudos to all involved.

That's Great - really good song, and a funny video too. Wish we could see the fully realized version with you in it.

wow! total concurrence! good video and a great song!

your friend is spot on.. the images and the tune go quite well together.

Thanks People!

Man oh man...
I've been watching this a few times a day for a week or so now. I can't tell you how much this song and video affect me-can't put it into words. I've MADE about ten people watch it: all of them like the song, but a few of us (the sickos of the bunch, maybe the "artist-types". I don't know) are blown away. Great 12-string work.
Great song. Great video. This is what a music video was meant to be.
I cried. No joke (because this shit was SO dark back when Jonestown happened).
I'm going to send it to a buddy who was in The Brian Jonestown Massacre...wonder if he'll like it...

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