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OMG... Talk about recovered memories: I had one of these things and haven't thought about it for about 40-some-odd years. Sheesh! As I recall, I felt really, really cool riding my bike with this thing. Meh-heh-heh... .


I was just telling my son about these the other day. How funny.


I had one. I remember taking mine apart to see what made the noise. It had a little vinyl drum, very similar in shape to a margarine container, and an electric motor drove a little multi-armed prop with loosely-attached wheels on the end of each arm. As the prop spun around, the wheels would sling around and bounce on the head of the little drum. The handlebar control let you change the speed of the motor.

It did sound much cooler than playing cards in the spokes, but playing cards required no "D" batteries to do their magic.


Clothespins and and cards in the spokes are the eternal will and meaning of kidhood at the edge of life. In it, yet still not in it, for just a few more moments. Moments like whole galaxies of time, yoo coulda sworn...

Jack R

I wanted one of these but my folks ended up giving me the hand cranked model instead. What a blow! The manual version had a red handle you pumped to make the sound and a switch that changed the vroom sound from low to high gear as well as a siren option. It was fun but it started running out of steam as soon as you stopped pumping and it was a coordination challenge as you had to ride, pump and steer with one hand.


Wow, that thing looks cool even in 2009. Does anybody know where I can find one that still works? I know it might be a rare find but I would really love to get my hands on one. V-RROOM rocks!

Museum of Vintage V-RROOM!

You can post a FREE want ad for one at the Museum of Vintage V-RROOM! http://www.vintagevrroom.com
I've also seen them for sale on E-Bay.

Museum of Vintage V-RROOM!

You can post a FREE want ad for one at the Museum of Vintage V-RROOM! http://www.vintagevrroom.com
I've also seen them for sale on E-Bay.

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