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Ken Adamson

"Jew" used to be in the ooficial Scrabble dictionary (though "ooficial" isn't, obviously). it meant "to haggle." the anti-defamation league protested, and the words were taken out but still permitted for tournament play. I think someone wrote about it on slate a while back.


In my youth (in England) it was quite common to use the word to mean you'd been conned out of something due to someone's tightness with money, e.g. "I was jewed out of ten bob!"
Not nice but it is a word, dictionaries shouldn't be censored.


Looks like you were playing against Sean Salisbury. He must have been the player that did such genius words like "Neat" and "Jail"


The Scrabble dictionary you can buy in stores is the "clean" version with several hundred offensive words removed.

Club and tournament play uses the full, unexpurgated word list (which is simply a compilation of words that appear in select college dictionaries).

Some computer Scrabble games uses the clean word list, some uses the unexpurgated list.

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