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I laughed, I cried. Thank you for this.


There are a few different mixes of this one floating about on a few bootleg BW discs. Most BW fans feel embarassed by it, but I like it. It showcases Brian's oft-misunderstood sense of humor nicely, as does most of Sweet Insanity. It is, at the very least, light years beyond the "Gettin' In Over My Head" release a few years back.

Burned Cookie

Supposedly troubled? I guess you had to see Brian's vacant eyes and smell his bloated body up close and personal, before you understood just how 'supposedly troubled' he was.
Wake up Cookie, for whatever Landy did or didn't do wrong, he saved Brian's life.


Uh- I didn't write "supposedly troubled" - I quoted it from someone. That's why there are quotation marks around everything. Follow the links to the original author.

Spike AKA Cookie

Roger Green

Just listened to this album. It's not awful, though Smart Girls is just bizarre.


There's more Beach Boys rapping in Wipe Out (1987) on "The Platinum Collection - Sounds of Summer" Beach Boys Collection.

You can see a very strange music video version here:

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