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You can't really say it's a soviet christmas card collection, because christmas were banned in soviet union.
they all say happy new year not merry christmas or smth.
nice collection still, i guess i have some of them somewhere.


Thanks for the credit! It's funny, I got this link from a two-year-old post from BoingBoing; I posted it (from BB); you posted it (from me); Cynical C posted it (from you); Neatorama posted it (from CC); Drawn posted it (from Neat); then BoingBoing posted it again (kind of forgetting they posted it the first time). As I said in my blog, I now have closure and can retire from the internets.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Bedazzled? Honestly, one of the best. xoxo B


Obviously the USSR were very proud of their successes in space:

They had sent the ever first satellite (Sputnik, 1957), the first animal (dog “Laika”, 1957) and the first man in space (Juri Gagarin, 1961).
The first space missile on the moon (Lunik 2, 1959) and the first space station in the orbit (Saljut 1, 1971) came from the USSR.


Not soviet but east german ( from German democratic republic). This pixie was an east german TV bedtime story teller.

Marty Weil

An interviewed with the owner of this collection, Boris Glazer, appears today on my blog. In the interview, Boris discusses the collection--explaining the subtle difference between New Years and Christmas cards in Old Soviet Russia--and showcases his favorite examples from his vast collection. The special post is in honor of Christmas Day 2007.


@ fragre:
that's right! On this card you see the "Sandmann" in the rocket that is coming in the evening dispersing sand in the eyes of the little children making them tired and ready to sleep!
(A similar figure existed in West-Germany, after the reunion the eastern does his job in reunited Germany ;-)
Most other cards on the site are really from Russia - as it can be seen by the Cyrilian letters.


This card is actually a finnish childrens series called Nukkumatti (google and look att picture results).
It's a finnish version of the Sandman

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