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This may have been the thing that started video games. Notice the left-right thumb action?

> I remember a more 60's/70's version of this.  It was in color and the tagline was "You knocked my block off!". Anyone else remember that one?

Yes! Joel Hodgson references it in his SNL appearance as 'Agent J' too.


I don't think that "Raving Bonkers" is a knock-off: It's the same toy licensed and marketed to the UK. I guess they thought "rock'em sock'em" sounded too American. A couple Christmases ago there was a "100 greatest toys" site that included an mini-essay on US vs UK toy names.

I think that lispy kid on the right looks familiar, like someone I would've seen as a character actor playing hippies a few years later. Or maybe one of Opie's friends during the awkward Mayberry RFD years.

Count me among the "You knocked my block off!" generation as well.


It seemed like a pretty well done knock-off- I figured it was a UK thing with that name.


Help. Looking for a boxing toy from the 70's that had two fighters in the ring with red noses. The nose was the KO button. The toy came with a record that had the crowd noise and commentator!



Nice site. Good readings.

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