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hey spike, i could be wrong, but....it looks like ann miller, the dancer. not virginia graham. mom


Uh, that's not Virginia Graham. That's the famous dancer/actress Ann Miller. She's dead now, but she had a pretty cool role not too long ago in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.


Ann Miller does quite a little groovy shimmy... I think she used to be in those old MGM film musicals, so we must cut her some slack for dancing and goofing on the Pipers

I prefer this second Lemon Pipers clip over the first, as the merry-go-round and effects sort of got in the way of my enjoyment

These clips from the past prove that art directors and lighting directors did some very heroic things (working with very little)

thanks from the west coast - KB

Rick Diehl

Ah, cut Ann Miller some slack.

I saw her onstage in the mid-1980's and even in her 70's the old bird was quite a sight to watch.


I just hate it when they goof on the young people. I'm pro-young people. Well, maybe not today's current young people, they suck. But I love those 60's young people and I don't like the old people who are making fun of them...

P-E Fronning

Thanks! That was really funny. What a strange idea to cut the song like that and throw the lady in there. Not really fair to anyone. Kind of cool dancing though. There ought to be more go-go dancing.


i dunno they seem like one of those bands a label cooked up to cash in on hippies tho. Rice is Nice is possibly one of the worst songs ever! Not being a pop music historian I dont claim to know but damn that sucked and they seemed like herbs.


I think Ann Miller's dancing was the high point of that clip.


Hey P-E... they were actually a great bluesy/jam band before a couple of music-types put them in a studio and "persuaded" them to do stuff that wasn't their normal fare. You can find some interesting stuff on the 'net about if you search. I'm going to see a reunion show this Saturday night that will feature them (minus Ivan and Bill Albaugh, the latter of whom passed on in '99). Bill Bartlett is one of the finest guitarists on the planet, although you'd never know it by the video posted here.


I always kinda liked Green Tambourine, but somebody musta had a gun to their heads when they recorded Rice Is Nice.
As for the Mike Douglas appearance, it looks like the producer was trying to end the segment on a big note by having Ann Miller come out (after such a lame song). But it was pretty disrespectful to the musicians to bring her out after their song, and they didn't even get to play behind her. I guess it serves them right for playing that sucky song Rice Is Nice. Now listen while I play ay ay ay ay ay ay...

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