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I only read this blog via rss and this is my first comment but don't you think you're overreacting a bit? You got one mildly offensive comment and now you're going to suppress dissent. It seems that if you post political content then people should be able to make political comments regardless of them agreeing with you. I realize this is your blog and you can do as you please but I think you should reconsider.


Hey! Thanks for your comment.

This is not so much a reaction, as a re-statement of a long held policy. This is just the latest in a series of similar posts. I guess I just don't enjoy the political back and forth and feel that there are myriad places people can go for that kind of interaction. The election is over and I think that Republicans should "Just Get Over It" like they've been telling Democrats to do for the last 8 years.

It's my soapbox and i don't want to share it with people that I disagree with. They can go get their own soapbox.


Like most of the non-insane world I was hugely relieved that Obama won, but 'Landslide'? Didn't 51% of married voters vote for the rich old white guy?
Not wanting to rain on anyone's parade but please don't get too complacent, the evil and ignorant haven't just disappeared overnight - they're regrouping.


Well- "electoral landslide" then. I mean, in 2002 Bush LOST the popular vote. So comparatively it is a landslide.

No complacency here, but it's hard to see how the GOP comes back from this when all their "ideas" are incredibly unpopular. And they want to double-down on them.


Yes to Obama
No to Prop 8
How bout some more old Dumptruck footage?

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