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Jack in Austin

Thank you for these recordings. "Popeye" is one of my very favorite soundtracks. (I've always wondered if John Lennon ever heard these songs. They were recorded shortly before John's death.) Harry's version of "Sweethaven" really did bring tears to my eyes. Thanks again.


To my knowledge, the soundtrack to "Popeye" has never been released on cd. These demos are GEMS. Thank you so much for making them available. This website is why the internet was created.

Mark Mauer

Thanks a million for these. I've occasionally searched for them on line and come up with awful sounding versions of a couple of them, but these are much better. I wish he was still around.


Amazing stuff - Popeye remains a very odd film, but loveable nonetheless!

Steve Hierro

Does anyone out there have the Popeye Soundtrack available for download?


Thanks so much for posting these! I couldnt find them anywhere! Now if I could just find the Joe vs Volcanoe soundtrack, I could sleep easy. Again, thanks a bunch!


This absolutely made my decade. I woke up the other day with He Needs Me in my head and for some reason transitioned to a song from Nilsson's The Point. I never knew he did the Popeye soundtrack. So I've been hunting for that soundtrack and thank you for posting it here.

norman Hathaway

thanks so much for posting this. a few years back i had a chance to ask klaus voormann about this record. he played bass on the majority of harry's albums. he said it was a difficult session as harry was a bit out of control, and altman and he were battling each other quite frequently. he remembered how much he enjoyed working with van dyke parks and admired his abilities as an arranger. he also said they were given a small shed to work in, but they were hustled out whenever they needed to screen dailies.



Not there :(

The requested URL /Popeye Demos.zip was not found on this server


search amazon for this
So you saved ther day Thank you
My 7 year old just saw the film and she adores it
so this is a BIG BONUS
Merry Christmas to you and all you touch

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