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that lady was a total prick. really great clip though, thanks!

Dan Heilman

Re the old bag: It's not Totie Fields, is it?

bruce in nc

Barbara Bush ?

Memphis Fan

The woman was just kidding around as an entertainer representing their parents' generation, not being mean. The band undestood and were kidding back. I have seen truly stuckup jerks be condescending to Southerners before, but this woman doesn't fall into that category. It was all in fun. Thanks for the great clip.


I believe that's Virginia Graham, former host of "Girl Talk" - here's a photo of her with Joan Crawford: http://www.geocities.com/bransregis1/joan19658.JPG

She was just kidding with the band, not being mean.

Dan Heilman

You're right, it's Virginia Graham. I knew she looked familiar. She was on another ladies' talk show in the early '70s. Was it 'Not For Women Only'? Or was that Barbara Walters?

Memphis Fan

I think you mean The Virginia Graham Show in the early 1970s, Dan. Here is bio info: http://centerstage.net/theatre/whoswho/VirginiaGraham.html



I think the Box Tops were all very cute in the show. Never have had the opportunity to see a whole clip of them from the 1960s before.


Yeah that's Virginia Graham. She was a well known gossip columnist from the late 60's. I know she sounds condescending, but for the period the clip is from she's actually being fairly "cool"! She cut a strange figure wth that big "wedge" of grey hair. Mike Douglas had some great guests! Thanks so much for sharing.



Thank you so much for putting this up. It's incredible to see The Box Tops in their prime.

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