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Mike Barraclough

May be the documentary referred to in a comment on this video by JanTerryDee, BBC TV documentary filmed in 1964, shown on BBC2 on Fri 23 April 1965:


Janet Balaam

Yep, it is the one referred to by me. filmed in 1964. Part 4 was recorded at the Lotus Club in Forest Gate 29th September 1964. I am the blonde in the front row. It was shown on BBC2 on Friday 23rd April 1965. Only 'posh' peole had BBC2 at this time, so I did not see the film untill many years later. Our skirts were not yet 'mini' as tights were not in & we were still all wearing stockens & suspenders. Great times.
Yours, Janterrydee


Thanks Janterrydee!


Ms. Balaam (nee Dee?) must be mistaken on the specific date. In the fourth part of the documentary, his Lordship wishes the audience "an evil Christmas to you all" @6:03. I realize the man was quite an iconoclast, but it seems that the more likely explanation for this statement from Sutch is that the performance took place during Christmastime.


Why would you delete my information about Ms. Balaam's memory of dates being incorrect? Ah well, some people enjoy living a lie, I hope the one you (strangely) want to support brings you much happiness.

Janet Switzer

May I suggest that Chris looks at the dates on the posters behind David Sutch ,! Joe Meek filmed this on the 29th Sep 1964. It was ment to be viewed at Christmas but was postponed until 23 Apr 1965. When it was shown on BBC2. Chris may live a lie, I do not.

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