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Condition Redd

Wow, what an ass. He should consider smoking a bowl and mellowing out.

dave graney

geez Spike. Its a bit personal!

Toto Asia

Hahaha thanks for the laffs Spike.

Matt, get a life.

Tony Alvarez

Now THIS made me laugh for HOURS. Not to mention the fact that EVERY single movie he named is SUPPOSED to be watched while under the influence of drugs.

SF Sex Toy

Totally agree this type of stuff shouldn't happen with all of the automated tools we have available now. As for putting down the bong we're not too sure about that part. ;)


Shit happens!!!


Spike...are you sure it's not that Hans guy under another name? :\

Steve C.

Of course all ***HIS*** links WORK...no one has ever been to his site!

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