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it's probably just something megavideo sends through with javascript/flash when non-logged in people play a video.

nb: the video also did not play afterwards, so there's kind of a "click once, get an ad, click again to play." now, it popped up in a separate tab and didn't display, likely due to my adblocker, so maybe if their server hears back that the ad actually appeared then the video starts playing. that is, if my adblocker prevented their server from knowing the ad was shown (which it wasn't), then the autoplay signal would not have been sent to the player. just spitballin', love the blog and i'll disable the adblocker for bedazzled. :)


No ad before video for me. Also no pop-outs, overs, unders etc.
Firefox 4.0.1
Adblock Plus 1.3.7

When I use a sandboxed Opera instance (my choice for a "promiscuous" browser) I do get the ad.


Thanks EH and Zip.

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