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mark patterson

i saw a documentary,with close persons to andy,he was a cold,plastic,boring artist,who had EVERYONE ELSE PRODUCE HIS ART,AND HIS ""UNIVERSE",he used them all,edie sedgwick,who loved him,doomed by drugs,he made comments to his "art associates",""maybe we could get edie to kill herself here,we'll film it later'',many other evil comments about his famed "stars",woodlawn,candy darling,ultraviolet",HE NEVER HELPED ANY,HE USED THEM,AND THREW THEM AWAY,A TALENTLESS PIG,WHO LEFT JUNK,evil man

L. Zurich

The vapid Superstar in question is Jane Forth. Personally I think she sounds more like a Brooklyn girl in a whole different league than what she is used to.

More interesting, is the gallery scene at the beginning. Aside from Nico, Warhol can be seen with a blonde in black glasses and hat. She is Andrea Whips Feldman, notorious for her backroom antics at Max's Kansas City. She also famously committed suicide by having a number of her x-bf's meet her at a spot on 5th Ave, only to have them view her death leap from a 14th floor window. Jim Carrol was amongst them, and wrote rather touchingly about the experience. It probably did not happen long after this clip, as she died in late 72. The film "L'Amour" that is mentioned was released in early 73. Here it had just stopped filming.

I think the jury may still be deadlocked on Warhol as a evil man. Brutal perhaps. However many did benefit from his association, and it must be noted that he did provide a certain umbrella for quite a few along the way. The ones who seem to fare the worst were those who had the most tenuous grasp on reality, fame, or true creative ability. As well as unmanageable drug problems and a absolute refusal to take responsibility for their own actions.

It most be noted however that Andrea was said to have left a extremely vicious suicide note aimed at Warhol.


"The vapid Superstar in question is Jane Forth." - I was told it was "Donna Jordan" - is that the same person?

Thanks for your other comments and info :)

L. Zurich

My bad...My somewhat fuzzy coffee time recollection of the Warhol crowd/art/nonsense mixed up the two. I guess in my defense they do look somewhat similar."Oh you know...(in hushed tones) *really now...all those factory people do look alike...*"

To somewhat misquote Lenny Bruce: "I don't get to be the smartest bear in the zoo".

In any event, this is as good a time as any to say I'm glad that you are here and have not lost any steam. Thanks for a lot of really good time spent fueling my unmarketable pop culture addiction. :)

L. Zurich

O.K.....I would not have remembered Donna Jordan's name if there was a gun stuck to my temple.

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