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yes, thank you for sharing!


I don't think she's Buttholes fan (from Michael Azerrad's book "Our Band Could Be Your Life - Chapter on Butthole Surfers":

"After an Atlanta show that August [1985], they stayed at the home of a friend whose younger sibling knew Amy Carter, daughter of ex-President Jimmy Carter. Amy happened to be over at the house that night, but she avoided the unsavory activities in the living room and stayed in her friend's bedroom, waiting for her parents, who were due to pick her up at 4:00 a.m. Naturally, the Buttholes were excited to witness the arrival of the former president. At about 3:30 Amy came out and deposited her suitcase in the living room, briefly introduced herself, smiled, and retreated back to the bedroom.

"Haynes then took the opportunity to touch his penis to the suitcase.

"At 3:45 the house was quickly surrounded by Secret Service cars, almost as if a raid were about to occur. Naturally, the Buttholes, high as kites, got a bit nervous. But then at 4 a.m. sharp, a black limousine pulled up, and Amy emerged from the bedroom and went out the door carrying her desecrated suitcase. Her parents lingered in the carport area as some excited and very stoned Butthole Surfers peeked out the curtains, trying not to scream in disbelief.

"And then it happened: former United States president James Earl Carter picked up the suitcase to which Butthole Surfers singer Gibson Jerome Haynes had applied his genitals. The president then put the suitcase in the trunk, got in the car, and they sped off into the humid Georgia night."

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