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Anntichrist S. Coulter

I've had a crush on Ted Cassidy since I was a kid, watching "The Addams Family." While I was surprised to see how light-footed he really could be, and how quickly he could move, it still made me sad.

The man was a real ACTOR, and he had to stoop to gimmicks like this to try and pay the bills.

Of course, nowadays, it's supposed to be a "compliment" to be marketed to death, to sell your kids to Disney and let them be pedophile wank-fodder on hairspray and clothes and everyfuckingthingelse on the planet. "GET THOSE ENDORSEMENTS!" --- that's the goal now. Not to do good work, to be proud of the work that you've turned out, but to BUY USELESS "BLING" and cars you never drive, to blow all of your money on CRAP and use THAT to get even MORE attention.

No, we're not talking about Richard Burton or Peter O'Toole here, but still. Ted turned in the work.

I'm glad that you're hosting this clip, I'm grateful that it's being preserved.

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